Successful Doctors Use Video

Healthy Websites Use Video

In their article "9 Steps To An Online Marketing Strategy", urges doctors to be innovative in their internet marketing. You may be the friendliest, smartest, most talented doctor in your area, but how will anyone know if you don't show them!

  • Whether your office is referred by another doctor, or a friend of the patient, 80% of Americans will head straight for the internet to check you out.
  • Consumers are more apt to choose an doctor who offers video. Clients are more comfortable dealing with someone they feel they know.
  • Show your offices, interview your staff, and above all use testimonials. Your credibility is increased when other professionals and clients hold you in esteem.
  • Do you provide workshops or speak to local support groups? These can be presented as short clips right on your website.

After producing this video for Amex Chiropractic, Dr. Jahnke told us, " we had the best experience since implementing a link to our videos in our email with our new patient paperwork. The patient came in knowing who I was and greeted me like she already knew me. Her relationship with us from the very start has been different, better, because of that initial video connection. Thank you for helping us connect better online!!!"

Videos help doctors get noticed, get found, and get patients.

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