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With an extensive background in advertising and media production, Ron Harper knows how to craft a message that gets results. A winner of the National Association of Broadcasters Indy Producer of the Year, Ron believes going the extra mile doesn't come extra.

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  • Video increases website traffic by almost 160 percent
  • Three out of four customers watch videos online before buying.
  • Visitors stay twice as long on a page when watching video.
  • Email open rates triple when VIDEO is in the subject line.
  • Every week, 75 percent of business execs watch video.
  • If you use video, and the competition doesn't, YOU WIN!

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"Ron is my video guy and I highly recommend him." - Crystal Thies, The LinkedIn Ninja.

...and Action!

How long should a business video be? The answer will surprise you. Watch this short clip, and find out why you should never use a 30 or 60 second video message. Then, scroll down to find out how much videos cost. (duration 1:36)

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