Frequent deals and special offers can entice customers to shop at your store instead of competitors’ sites. Coupons are effective at creating repeat customers when included in a customer loyalty program. Coupons bring a higher chance of conversions. A discount or freebie can inspire a person to try a new product or a brand other than the one they usually buy. The goal of any offer or coupon is to encourage the consumer to try the product or service. The truth is the consumer needs an incentive to depart from their current habits and try something new.
5 Benefits of Using Coupons
• Bring in new customers.
• Strengthens brand recognition.
• Customers will benefit from knowing when to buy.
• Offloads older goods with assistance.
• Minimize your marketing expenses.
But, if a company is using video marketing, can they offer coupons as well? The answer is YES
At some point during the video, mention that there is a coupon offer coming up. Then, either or at the end, simply show a QR code that takes the viewer to a printable, or downloadable coupon on your website. You could also require that an email address be entered before showing the coupon, but be careful of asking your prospect to jump thru too many hoops to get that reward.
Videos On Your Website can help businesses offering coupons. If you’d like to explore using coupons inside your video, just contact us. We will create the QR code and insert it into your video for you.

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