Questions About Building A Video Library

How well do you know your competition?  How well do you know their marketing efforts?  Sometimes being in business and competing for the same customer is like a chess game.  The winner will always be the one who is thinking three moves ahead.

Think your competition has a marketing plan?  Or do they favor a shotgun approach: a little of this, and a little of that?  Unfocused marketing misses the mark. Make blatent one or two things about your brand, and you’ll be successful. One thing that realy focuses your efforts, and has a large return on investment is video.

If you have video, and your competition doesn’t – You Win!

It’s been proven thyat companies with at least three videos on their site are perceived as experts by their customers.

Start building a video presence – with a blog, or a tips and tricks section to your website – BEFORE the competition starts paying attention.

–That’s a wrap.