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Showing Our Stuff


The past three years has brought a lot of new friends our way.  Every project we do is different and exciting.  The new year gives us an opportunity to take a look back and put together some of the work we’ve done for our clients. Here’s our 2012 demo reel. I hope you enjoy it.  When can we get started on YOUR project?

–That’s a wrap.

The Videos On Your Website Exercise Program

Tired? Overworked? Let’s get you and your business moving with the Videos On Your Website exercise program. Ready? 1 – 2 – aaand 3

Stretch (your budget) Unlike advertising, videos don’t vanish after they are consumed. They’re right there working for you 24/7. Not only that, but they can get passed around to others who may not be familiar with you. Sharing is why you want a compelling video with a message.

Crunch (the numbers) Internet Retailer says ecommerce sites that use product videos sell  45% more product. And 73% of email marketers say using video has increased their clickthrough rates.

Heavy lifting (made easy) When it comes to getting to the top of search engine rankings, nothing is better than video. Forrester reports that websites with video are eight times more likely to make it to the first page of search results.

Kick (your marketing plan into high gear) Use videos on your website, on your blog, on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn. Did you know you can create a QR code that will lead your prospects straight to your video page!

Jog (your prospects’ memory) Nothing is better than video for building trust, loyalty, and telling your story. 80% of American consumers head to the web when researching a product or service. If your competition has video and you don’t; the competition wins!

Don’t  Sweat. We’ll help you develop some great ideas to make your video tell the story your customers are looking for. We write, shoot, edit, do all the post production – like adding graphics, music, and voice, if needed – and we can show you how and where to upload your video for maximum response.

And relax.

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6 Reasons Why You Need To Use Flash For Web Video, and 1 Reason Why You Don’t.

If you’re putting video on your website, you want as many folks as possible to watch it, right?  No matter if your viewer is using Windows, or Apple, they should be able to watch it quickly and without hassle.

There are more than a handful of multimedia formats, and some players don’t play them all.

I’m a PC – always have been; always will be.  Here’s something I didn’t know – not all Windows systems have Windows Media Player pre-installed. On the other hand, not all Apple machines have Quicktime pre-installed.  Windows Media won’t play Quicktime files. Quicktime doesn’t like Windows. But there’s one format, and one player that works with both operating systems.

When it comes to putting videos on your website, Adobe Flash has a lot going for it.

  1. The small file size means it loads quickly
  2. You can pre-set the buffer size, so it starts playing immediately
  3. It embeds easily into webcode
  4. You can determine how you want the player to look.
  5. You can view it full screen if you want
  6. Mobile devices are using it.  (It’s true, Flash doesn’t play well with the Iphone.  That’s why you also need an MP4 version of all your videos.)

Your website visitors don’t want to have to wait while a video downloads. Give them the experience they want, and the information they need, and they will actually spend a longer time on your site.  My average viewer spends almost four minutes on each page.  And there are effective and affordable video players which will even generate the code for you.  All you do is plug and play!

Do it now.  The longer you wait the further behind the curve you will be.  Video is not a craze.  It will become as ubiquitous as text and images are on websites.

–That’s A Wrap.