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Look Who’s Watching Now

I recently had the pleasure of producing a video for a company that specializes in fitness for seniors. We had a blast, and the video is going to be used to bring the program to more people, which is always exciting.

“Are you kidding?!” one of my friends said, “Seniors don’t go online.  I don’t know of any who even own computers.”

Wrong, says Beulah Buzzer. (And you almost have to be over 50 to remember that phrase)

As a matter of fact, You Tube is the fourth most visited destination for folks 65 and older. That’s according to a new study by Neilsen. In 2009, there were almost 18 million senior surfers spending upwards of two hours a day online.

Want more proof of the trend?  Well, Google was the number one destination, followed by Windows Media Player at Number Two, Facebook was third, and You Tube fourth.

Windows Media Player AND You Tube.  I’d say there is an audience out there.

Let’s don’t write these folks off just yet.  Remember that when they were in their 20’s, they were the ones buying Rolling Stones and Beatles records. So while they may not be scooping up the latest i-toys, the online world definitely does not intimidate them.

And, by the way, Beulah was the name of the buzzer on the radio and TV show “Truth Or Consequences”.

–That’s A Wrap.