Pretty + Annoying =

The number one rule of multimedia: Let The User Control It. That means when you hit a website, you should not have to be assaulted with noise, music, or things that beep when you move your mouse. If you want to be, fine, you can turn it on. But the default should be OFF.

That goes, too, for those diminutive women and men who live just off the screen. Within seconds after landing on a new page, as you are trying to read text, or just figure out the navigation, one of them will invariably pop out from the side with a cheery, “Hi! “. If you do have your speakers on, it’s a bit disconcerting.; And if you have the speakers off, the model is usually walking right where you want to read.

They try and beg or cajole you with generic gobbledygook that says nothing about what I want to find out, or why I came to the website in the first place. I’m usually gone from that page within the first ten seconds.

The “Video Spokesmodel” is the spinning .gif of Web 2.0

I realize there are some business owners who prefer to remain hidden. Their website has no email address, and the About Us page is a collection of mission-statement speak that is foggy at best. So, in order to seem more like a REAL person (instead of a faceless website that is asking you to give up your money or your email address), they use a Video Spokesmodel as Lilliputian window dressing.

And it could damage their credibility even more.

When you put a face on your website, it should be YOUR face. Or at the very least, someone with whom I would be familiar if I were to buy from you.

Tell me your passion. I love to do business with people who love what they do. Show me what’s new in your world that could change my life. Take me behind the scenes to meet the heroes of your company. Let me hear from your Raving Fans about why their experience with you made them want to come back for more. Engage me.

Do that with your prospects, and they’re more likely to become customers.

Could I show you some examples?

That’s a wrap.