Affordable Video Production

On-Location Shooting

We come to you. Factory tours, product demonstrations, spotlight your staff, interview your customers. Or, you can come to us. We share a small studio near Mason, Ohio.

Expert Directing

We'll help you feel comfortable on camera. No special skills required. We've worked with mom and pop shops, CEOs and celebrities. We want you to look good!

Proven Results

Video keeps web visitors on your site longer, then converts them into buyers. And when you use video in an email campaign, you can get up to three times the open rate. We'll show you how.

Marketing Strategies

We're not just another videographer. With over 30 years experience in advertising and media we know how to get the attention of your prospects. That's why we are a MARKETER WITH A CAMERA.

Video Content For Business

customer testimonial videos

Customer Testimonials

This is without a doubt the most powerful form of content you can provide. Your happy clients and raving fans are your best sales force. Professional video shot in person.

product demonstration videos

Product Demos

Spotlight the unique features and benefits of your product. Show customers how it works. Provide troubleshooting tips. Go behind the scenes and let's see how it's made. Engaging videos sell.

sell more homes

Real Estate

Listings with video get over 400% more inquiries than those without. Nine out of ten buyers start their home search online. Nothing captures the magic better than video.

Cincinnati Business Video Production

Production Sampler

This is our official demo reel. We write, shoot, edit, add music, graphics and voiceover if needed, and help you upload the videos - all for one affordable price. Here's just a small sample of some of our favorite small business and corporate projects.

editing and content creation

#NoContact Production

You can be anywhere in the country, and still have a quality, compelling video. We will help you craft an ultra-watchable message that tells your story. Use your existing footage and photos, or we'll find the perfect shot from our extensive library of stock footage.

forklift driver

Industrial and Corporate

Video can showcase your products, people and process more effectively than any other medium. We will do it all from wrting to post production. Take viewers behind the scenes and show off your passion.Video presentations can also be served on digital media as a leave-behind for your sales team.