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Customer Testimonials Become Yes-timonials With Video

Many websites have testimonials. If someone is in the service industry, or one of the trades, it’s simple to take a couple of lines off of a comment card and post it. Many of those choose only to identify the customer by first name and last initial. Then the question becomes: Is that testimonial compelling enough to close a sale? I can tell you from experience it is not.

Your customers have a story to tell about their relationship with you. That story should not only show the connection, but it should have emotion and together, those factors can help prospects form a deeper connection with your brand. You can turn those ordinary customer testimonials into YES-timonials with a well-produced video. Each video must have three things: 1. Credibility, 2. Relatability, 3. Full Disclosure.

The word Incredible actually means Not Credible. I’ve written before about the service where you can get actors to rave about your product or service on video. Their acting is over-the-top, and they’re too polished. How can that be at all credible? Trust and believability is established within a few seconds of listening to someone. If they are credible, you’ll want to keep listening.

The customer must be relatable. They should be in the same demographic as the target customer, and they must look and talk the same as well. There is one testimonial I see a lot with a couple of women from Wisconsin raving about a certain website. Their stats show that they do very well in the Midwest, but their customer base is almost non-existent in Tennessee, Georgia, Arkansas and Texas.

There must be full disclosure. Did you know that many products give out samples to professional reviewers? They must report it if that is the case. Some do not. Full disclosure also extends to the customer’s name. They can’t be listed as “Bill R.” And that also means they must sign a waiver and agree to have their name listed under their testimonial

I recently produced a series of video YES-timonials for someone who advises folks on retirement goals. We had one from a CPA who described how he went from a skeptic to a raving fan. We produced another one targeted at Millennials. The messages are compelling and make you want to find out more.

Videos are six times more likely to be shared than a photo. And Forbes says 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it.
If you’d like to learn more about making video YES-timonials, ask for my e-book and learn the good, the bad, and the awkward of having to do it yourself.

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How To Use Videos To Sell Products

You have a website that sells products. It could be three or three hundred. Most e-commerce sites operate the same way: a database of products and a page for each product. But when videos are added, sales skyrocket. Here’s how it works.

VIDEOS ON HOME PAGE  Here’s where you can capture new customers and hold on to old customers too. Offer new products, stage demos talk to staff, or feature customer shot video. It will engage and you’ll keep visitors on the site longer.

VIDEOS ON PRODUCT PAGES   Show different views. Show how the item works. Show testimonials.

MAKE IT SOCIAL   Don’t forget to cross-post your videos to Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to grow the brand.

NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS USE YOUTUBE   You can host your video there and share it or you can host anywhere else. But, yes, upload to YouTube. It’s still the number two search engine. It will positively impact your visibility and search engine rankings.

BLOG    Every time you post your video somewhere new, it counts as fresh content. Google ranks video higher than other content.  Put video on your blog sang give visitors a reason to come back.
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The Videos On Your Website Exercise Program

Tired? Overworked? Let’s get you and your business moving with the Videos On Your Website exercise program. Ready? 1 – 2 – aaand 3

Stretch (your budget) Unlike advertising, videos don’t vanish after they are consumed. They’re right there working for you 24/7. Not only that, but they can get passed around to others who may not be familiar with you. Sharing is why you want a compelling video with a message.

Crunch (the numbers) Internet Retailer says ecommerce sites that use product videos sell  45% more product. And 73% of email marketers say using video has increased their clickthrough rates.

Heavy lifting (made easy) When it comes to getting to the top of search engine rankings, nothing is better than video. Forrester reports that websites with video are eight times more likely to make it to the first page of search results.

Kick (your marketing plan into high gear) Use videos on your website, on your blog, on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn. Did you know you can create a QR code that will lead your prospects straight to your video page!

Jog (your prospects’ memory) Nothing is better than video for building trust, loyalty, and telling your story. 80% of American consumers head to the web when researching a product or service. If your competition has video and you don’t; the competition wins!

Don’t  Sweat. We’ll help you develop some great ideas to make your video tell the story your customers are looking for. We write, shoot, edit, do all the post production – like adding graphics, music, and voice, if needed – and we can show you how and where to upload your video for maximum response.

And relax.

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5 Lines From Sleepless In Seattle That Explain Why You Should Use Video

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day. Not the holiday you think about when video production comes to mind..(Wait a minute..OK. No, don’t go THERE. That’s an entirely different blog..) I just thought it might be fun to take a classic Valentine movie like Sleepless In Seattle and see if I can make some of the lines relate to using Videos On Your Website.  Ready?

Jessica: H and G.
[Sam peers back at her]
Jessica: Hi and goodbye. A quick entrance and exit. Unfortunately, that’s what happens on most business websites. If the visitor can’t find what they’re searching for, or if there’s nothing there to engage them, they’re gone.  Websites with video hold visitors longer. The average time spent on my clients’ sites is six to eight minutes.

Sam Baldwin: Well I just want somebody I can have a decent conversation with over dinner. That’s what your prospects and customers are looking for, too. Well, maybe not over dinner, but they do want to connect with products and brands they know and like. Back in the day, before the Internet, you’d be hard pressed to find a way to reach out to a large company. Now with blogs, Twitter, Facebook, AND Videos, customers feel like they have an advocate inside those companies.

Jonah Baldwin : Thanks for dinner. I’ve never seen potatoes cooked like that before. Let’s talk about being unique. With every other accountant, doctor, landscaper, or restaurant having a website these days: what really sets you apart? The best way to tell that story is with video. Show your customers how to something they’ve never done. Show what your product does that the competition doesn’t. Be memorable. Be compelling.

Jessica: If it’s in the computer, they believe anything. Some businesses believe that. Hopefully, the ones that do are your competition.  I’ve seen websites that literally have not been updated in 5 or more years!  Their only purpose is to be an online brochure. Copy may be wrong or outdated. Websites that are updated on a consistent basis get more “points” with search engines. Websites with videos can get a big boost in their search engine optimization. And, it’s been shown that companies with three or more videos are thought of as experts by their customers.

Jonah Baldwin: In the movies, women are always scratching up the men’s back and screaming and stuff.
Sam Baldwin: How do you know all this?
Jonah Baldwin: Jessica’s got cable. I don’t know how much Sam trusted Jessica after that.  Trust is a big issue.  If you’re a company who has to perform their service in a customer’s home, they’re not going to hire you unless they trust you. With video, they can meet you and your staff before the work is done. Put your best face forward. The transparency of your company and the trust it instills in customers depends on it.

There are as many whys and ways to use video as there are websites. Every project I’ve done for the past two years has had a different twist. But one thing is certain: video has been the most added element to websites for the past two years.  Call me and let me show you the success stories.

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Ad-ology Insights To Advertising

What if you could put a blindfold on your competition? And what if you could then make yourself the hero in the eyes of their customers and prospects? Whatever you sell, be it product or service, what if everybody considered you the expert?

If you could put a blindfold on your competition, would that help or hurt your business?

Well, there’s a good chance that’s happening right now. In a recent advertising and media study by
Ad-ology, a Columbus Ohio company, they asked 1100 small business owners about social media marketing. By the way, small businesses in this case is defined as 100 employees or fewer. The study was done November, 2009.

31% of those small business owners say THEIR CUSTOMERS don’t use social networks! Let me know when you’ve picked yourself up off the floor…

Isn’t that amazing? When Facebook has enough users to qualify as the fifth largest country in the world, one in three small business owners think their customers ignore social media.

Here’s another of Ad-ology’s findings: 73% of those small businesses don’t use YouTube. Why not?

• They don’t have the equipment to shoot and edit video
• They don’t know what subject matter to present
• Some actually don’t know how YouTube works
• They think YouTube is only for cute cat videos

Whatever the reason, those are all things I can help with. Yeah, I even have a couple of cute cats, but that’s another blog.

YouTube is the number 2 search engine behind Google. There are product demos and how-tos galore. Do folks actually search for them? Well, yes, some of them do, however the best reason for putting an optimized video on YouTube is because it will show up on Google organic searches. And it’s 80% more likely to show up on the first page of results. Add some of the other video sharing sites to that, and it turns out putting Videos On Your Website is pretty good for business.

Know anyone not using video, and still wants to grow their business? I would love to sit down and have a cup of coffee with them.

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